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Metagenomics studies the collective genomes of all the microorganisms of a sample by sequencing the genetic material directly recovered from the sample.

From 2008, DNAVision successfully provides metagenomic services using next generation sequencing to various sample types.


  • Experts in metagenomic, bioinformatic and data management

  • Fully validated and bioinformatic pipeline based on metagenomics most widely used sofware: QIIME. Allowing generation of standardized and ready-to-publish metagenomics data

  • Quick turnaround

  • Permanent communication


QIIME analysis:

  • Data filtering to only keep true sequence diversity

  • Selection of Sequence Variants (SV)

  • Taxonomic profiling 

  • Rarefaction plotting

  • Alpha and Beta diversity analyses


Sample Types:​

  • Feces

  • Skin

  • Amplicons

  • ...


DNAVision will provide you:

The support you need to design your study: expert support during study design, dedicated project manager and clear guidelines on sample prep and quality

The highest level of quality for your analysis:

  • Sample encoding in LIMS

  • Sending of an acknowledgment of receipt

  • Sample Quality Control (QC)

  • Sample preparation

  • QC before sequencing

  • High throughput sequencing

  • Raw Data and run QC

  • Bioinformatic analysis (QIIME)

  • Report delivery and customer feedback


Support for result interpretation:

  • QC report: overview of sequencing metrics

  • Detailled results: ready-to-use information for an in-depth analysis

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