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DNA/RNA NextGen Sequencing​

DNAVision has all the latest NextGen sequencing technologies covering a broad range of both well-known and new applications in:


Genome Sequencing

DNAVision provides the powerful combination of two next generation technologies for your genome sequencing projects. During project design, the most appropriate platform will be selected to maximize the efficiency of your assay with an appropriate combination of short and long insert sequencing. We provide much more than sequencing data and our comprehensive services inlude:

  • Guidance for study design

  • Delivery of all  information and guidelines required for a successful assay

  • Planning of experiments

  • QC on each sample

  • Library preparation and QC

  • High throughput sequencing

  • Sending of data and report

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Exome Sequencing

Since 2007, high throughput sequencing allows to sequence at reduced cost large genomic regions or whole genomes. Exome sequencing, targeting exons of genes, became a powerful tool largely used in human genetic and oncology. This process was first designed for R&D but is now slightly more and more used for clinical diagnostic or clinical studies.

Whole exome sequencing is an efficient method to identify mutations in the coding region of all the genes having an impact in cancer diagnostic, tumor development and patient treatment. In an exome sequencing assay, nearly all the genes of the genome, are sequenced and screened for mutation identification. In total, more than 50 Million bases are sequenced from tumoral sample or healthy tissue.

DNAVision provides an exome sequencing service using Agilent Sureselect enrichment kits and Illumina sequencing technology, both pioneer companies in this field.  


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RNA Sequencing​

Transcriptomics is the analysis of any RNA species present in a cell, should it be mRNA, small RNA or any other non-coding RNA

For 15 years now, DNAVision successfully provides mRNA analysis based on microarray for R&D, clinical or diagnostic purposes. Today, take benefit of this expertise to enter the world of transcriptome sequencing

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  • mRNA sequencing:

    • No limit of contend compared to microarray

    • No limit for alternative splicing

    • No limit for SNP detection and potential impact on transcript

  • Small RNA sequencing:

    • Quantify known miRNA and analyze any other small size RNA (siRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, …)

  • Total RNA sequencing:

    • Quantify mRNA and known ncRNA and mostly, discover how ncRNAs are much more biologically significant than previously realized



  • Historical expert in RNA Expression profiling

  • Fast and flexible turnover.

  • Fully qualified technical processes 

  • Close project management.

  • Combination of lastest NextGen Technologies with state of the art computing technology for data storage, processing and delivery.

Metagenome sequencing​

Please follow this link for metagenomic sequencing

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