TaqMan OpenArray Genotyping

The TaqMan® OpenArray® Genotyping system is a high-throughput, low-cost genotyping system using two gold-standard technologies: TaqMan® Genotyping Assays and OpenArray® technology.

Plates are available in several formats, from 144 samples against 16 unique TaqMan® Genotyping Assays to 12 samples against 256 unique TaqMan Genotyping Assays.

The Applied Biosystems TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assay collection includes over 4.5 million genotyping assays. Of these, there are 3.5 million HapMap SNPs and 2600 drug metabolizing enzyme (DME) genotyping assays. Additionally, researchers can create Custom TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays for any genome by submitting their target SNP sequences.

Technical Specifications

Thanks to TaqMan OpenArray, DNAVision can deliver high quality genotyping data in a fast and robust way.

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