Expression Profiling

DNAVision is a leading global provider of applied gene expression services. We help pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and academics integrate gene expression profiling effectively into their research and drug development programs and thus deliver safer, more effective products to the market more quickly.

We guarantee the quality of our results by complying with the international drug development standards required by regulatory authorities. We are the first laboratory in Europe to be ISO17025 accredited. We are also CLIA and CAP accredited

Today, take benefit of this expertise to enter the world of RNA-sequencing.

Applications of RNA-Sequencing:

  • mRNA sequencing:
    • No limit of content compared to microarray
    • No limit for alternative splicing
    • No limit for SNP detection and potential impact on transcript
  • Total RNA sequencing: Quantify mRNA and known ncRNA and mostly, discover how ncRNAs are much more biologically significant than previously realized