Metagenomics studies the collective genomes of all the microorganisms of a sample by sequencing the genetic material directly recovered from the sample. Over the  last few years this domain has been revolutionized by the Roche FLX and Illumina technologies.

From 2008, DNAVision successfully provides metagenomic services to characterize biopsy, feces as well as soil samples.


We have been involved in many successful metagenomic studies, see our latest publication in PNAS.

We provide top-quality services as:

- taxonomic profiling by 16s sequencing on Roche FLX

- metagenome shotgun sequencing by Illumina Hi-Seq 2000

- custom gene targeting

Taxonomic profiling

Microbial communities can be characterized by sequencing hyper-variable regions of 16s rDNA.

After sequencing, a complete taxonomic profile of your sample, including non cultivable bacteria, is obtained at phylum, family and gender levels. The diversity indexes (Shannon, Chao…) are also calculated. We provide a clear and detailed report including all these results and, optionally, a complete biostatistical analysis of the microbiome between samples. Microbiome can also be monitored throughout a study (food intake, drug intake, soil pollution ...).

Microbiome shotgun sequencing

The direct shotgun sequencing of the microbiome is the state-of-the-art methodology to understand and exploit the influence of gut microbes on human health and well-being.

After producing several millions of genomic sequences from the microbiome, our data analysis pipeline will provide ready-to-use information by assembling, clustering, classifying and annotating the microbial genes existing in your sample.  

Custom gene targeting

Any gene or gene family can be targeted in any microbiome through the development and use of universal primers which allows focused studies on the genetic diversity of specific pathways.

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