Genome Analysis and Annotation

Discovery of SNPs for common and rare variants

Extracting relevant SNPs from next-generation sequencing data is a key factor for the success of your assays.

At DNAVision, we have implemented and validated work flows allowing SNP discovery in the samples analyzed, followed by  the biostatistical analysis of the differences between samples. The best method or combination of methods,is used, depending on the experimental design, the expected SNP frequency in the population and the biological questions to be answered.

Indels, CNVs and translocation

Chromosomal rearrangements, like Copy Number Variation (CNV), insertion, deletion (Indel) and translocation are key factors in the development of disease and in many other particular traits.

From microarray or next generation sequencing data, we can discover chromosomal rearrangements through a fully implemented bioinformatic package, allowing the delivery of analyzed clear information to our customers.

Genome annotation

DNAVision provides fully automated workflow for prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome annotation.

This automated validated process allows us to provide a fully functional analysis including:

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