Accredited exome sequencing for regulatory and diagnostic service

DNAVision has successfully completed the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation of the exome sequencing service. We are now producing quality-certified exome sequencing data in clinical trials in oncology as well as for genetic centers.

ISO/IEC 17025 is an international standard for laboratory testing. DNAVision is ISO 17025 accredited from 2005. The technical competence to carry out exome sequencing and the ability to consistently produce valid and traceable results have been successfully evaluated during an external audit by belgian authorities (Belac).

Our accredited service targets the sequencing of 71 MB of exons + UTR regions, using the Agilent Sureselect enrichment and the Illumina HiSeq technology.

See our press release and our official accreditation scope.

DNAVision also provide a fine bioIT analysis to optimize data interpretation. Our pipeline minimizes the number of false positives and false negatives and highlight the most relevant mutations in oncology through our bioinformatic gene panels.

Feel free to contact us us for more information about this service and to start designing optimally the quality-certified sequencing of your samples.

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