Strategic alliances providing access to cutting-edge products and technologies, allow the DNAVision research and development team be more efficient and effective. We can therefore continually diversify our products and provide new services to our customers.

To date, DNAVision has agreements with the following organizations and companies.

ImmuneHealthImmuneHealth provides biotech and biopharma companies with cutting edge services in the field of immunology. Assessing the health of the immune system, ImmuneHealth measures the efficacy and the safety of medical interventionsis. As a a research centre specialized in life sciences, it is also an incubator of new companies and projects supporting the creation of spin-offs resulting from research activities.


Henogen, a leading contract biomanufacturing organization, spin-off of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and now part of Novasep is a GMP biomanufacturing company, able to take your new biomolecules from genes up to the crucial clinical validation stage (clinical batches and clinical trials up to phase III)


IMIInstitute for Medical Immunology (IMI) is a ULB Research Institute supported by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals and the Walloon Region with the objectives to run research activities in the field of vaccines and allografts, to be a training center and to exploit research results thanks to a strategic agreement with GSK Bio.



IpsogenFrom its inception in 1999, Ipsogen has developed and commercialized unique molecular tools for patient risk stratification, to predict patient response to treatment and to monitor minimal residual disease in haematological malignancies. From this proof of concept, Ipsogen is now leveraging its expertise to address unmet medical needs for solid tumors. As a diagnostic company in oncology, Ipsogen integrates the complete value chain from biomarker discovery to development, validation and registration of accurate diagnostic tools that will help physicians prescribe effectively and monitor residual disease.

RED LaboratoriesR.E.D. Laboratories is a biotechnology company developing clinical diagnostic tests and therapies for chronic immune diseases. As a specialty clinical laboratory, RED Laboratories provide clinicians, researchers and chronically ill patients with unique and innovative assays to detect immune dysfunctions.They also actively pursue basic research programs to further unravel the mechanisms leading to disease development.


ULBThe Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) has a long tradition of excellence in molecular biology and medicine. There are 250 highly-qualified researchers in the laboratories of the Faculties of Science and Medicine on the Gosselies industrial estate. ULB researchers have received numerous prestigious prizes (two Nobel and nine Francqui) and have published many articles in international scientific journals.


The Université de Liège is at the forefront of research and innovation in many scientific area. There are more than 400 researchers dedicated to medical and agronomic research with an annual budget of more than €25 million. Members of large European and worldwide research networks, they work with prestigious universities, research ceners and institutes in Europe, the United States, Canada, ...

The Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique is one of eight official human genetics centers and has a staff of around 170, almost a third of whom are medical doctors, biologists and other university graduates.



DiagenicDiaGenic ASA is an innovative Norwegian in vitro diagnostic company founded in 1998 and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. DiaGenic develops patient-friendly diagnostic tests for the early detection of devastating diseases where early intervention is crucial for successful treatment. DiaGenic's patented method is based on identifying disease-specific gene expression signatures from easily available sample material such as blood. DiaGenic's first two products, ADtect® for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease and BCtect® for the early detection of breast cancer, have received regulatory approval for Europe (the CE mark) and are now being launched in selected markets.

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