As part of its genetic/genomic analysis services, DNAVision has set up secure storage facilities for biological and nucleic acid samples and now provides this as a  high quality service.

Advantages of a centralized biobank:

- Centralization of  all your biological specimens
- Samples stored under the same  conditions
- Centralized archiving of  specimens and  sample information
- Available as a back-up service, when necessary
- Samples can be made available from your bank  at any time for urgent analysis
- A tailored storage system in accordance with your requirements
- A 24/7 service at your disposal
- Reduction of  storage costs
- Less time spent on the management of your samples

Biobanking at DNAVision:

- Samples handled by qualified people and traced by a Sample Management System.
- Protected storage areas (24/7 temperature monitoring, with 24/7 video surveillance  , alarm systems with direct connection to  security personnel  and to a team of qualified people
- Standardization of  sample handling following appropriate SOPs
- Aliquoted samples stored in different storage units to guarantee your Business Continuity Plan


- For patient samples, management of the data according to the ethical principles in genetic services and WHO guidelines


- Biobank  organized according to international GLP/GMP l standards
- Freezers at -80°C
- Freezers at -20°C
- Liquid nitrogen ( -180 °C)

Storage capacity for up to 90000 samples


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