Sanger Sequencing

DNAVision is the leading DNA analysis company providing highest quality grade Sanger sequencing. DNAVision is the first laboratory in the European Union to be ISO17025 and GMP certified. We are also CLIA and CAP accredited.



Our large variety of sequencing services includes:

DNAVision develops and validates sequencing projects in order to find, for example, new mutations in a gene of interest. In-house sequence analyses are used as the "gold standard" for the validation of genotyping assays.

Sequencing projects are also conducted under GLP and cGMP requirements. For each project, a dedicated Study Director (or Principal Investigator for phases delegated) draws up the study plan, obtains a 4-fold coverage of the region of interest and issues a report suitable for regulatory submission.


Each and every sequencing service at DNAVision is ISO17025 accredited (Belac 293-TEST).

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